Blue Shift Hypothesis for Obesity, Cancer and other Chronic Diseases


The following is a work in progress where I’m refining my thoughts and collecting evidence.  Constructive comments are welcome


I am in no way a medical practitioner or researcher.  Most of the following is speculation based upon my limited understanding of basic cellular biology and my work for one of the major lighting corporations.

Nothing I have written is to be taken as a prescription or even advice to base your life upon without consulting with your medical doctor…. Unless I’m right, in which case I want wealth and accolades… bitches.

Executive Summary:

Obesity and other Chronic Diseases (cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression etc.) are multi-factorial in nature but one of the key underlying causes is mitochondrial dysfunction.  I am not proposing a singular root cause for all of these diseases, but an additional contributing factor which combined with other industrial environmental insults has created populations of humans who are not living at their optimal health potential.

I intend to prove that the obesity epidemic has been influenced by the switch from incandescent light sources to the more prevalent Fluorescent lamps now fairly ubiquitous in our homes and workplaces.

The biological mechanism which would facilitate this is the activation of the enzyme “Cytochrome C Oxidase” by Red and Near Infrared light (NIR), and its inhibition by blue light.

Cytochrome C Oxidase is an enzyme in the mitochondria of cells (the cell powerhouses which convert food into energy).  When exposed to NIR light COC is activated and more energy is produced. 

Incandescent lights produce the majority of their output in the Red and NIR end of the spectrum – activating the COC, whereas modern Fluorsecent lamps produce very little red and NIR light and more blue light.  This blue shift tricks your body into thinking that its winter and that it should conserve energy for later.

Add: Cytochrome is responsible for cell apoptosis, the self destruction of a cell. This is how the mitochondria kills its host cell if it detects something is wrong. Typically this is due to an energy deficit. If you are feeding food in one end of the ETC, but too much blue light is shutting down the end part of the chain you will end up with too much ROS (reactive oxygen species) leading to free radical damage.

Add: O6 oils destabilize the lipid membrane and are more susceptible to perioxidation due to free radical release at the ETC.

Add: many epidemiological studies look at vitamin D and it’s positive impact on many health markers (add references here). although Vit D itself could be causative in these cases, I also feel that it could be a marker for increased natural sunlight, and that many studies have misplaced the cause of their results.

Summary: avoid vegetable oils and get much more natural sunlight.


Much more details to follow:


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